Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Notes from Nat

For most of you Summer is half way over....well for me it is still in the 60-70's so I have not even thought about swimsuit shopping but thought I would share a few sites I have found that might help those out that are thinking of climbing into a swimsuit.

First of all, as most of you noticed when I was in Utah for Steph's wedding I have lost a significant amount of weight. I do not assume to think that any of you need to lose weight. I am just sharing what has helped me feel better, have more energy, accomplish more daily, and really actually has changed me spiritually as well. I have always had a really bad self image of myself and have battled my weight my whole life.(There really is a point to my rambling) Since I have changed the way I take care of myself and my indulgences I feel like I am actually living the Word of Wisdom. I am able to keep up with the Young Women for my calling, I can serve others more, and all around feel closer to the Lord. "Everything in Moderation". Well I have really learned to apply this to my daily living, including how strict I am with myself. EVERYTHING in moderation. So the way that I have gotten into such good shape is through clean eating. There are so many places where you can read all about it so I am going to spare you the details but I wanted to share some websites that I have found that have really helped me cook YUMMY food that is also fueling my body. I actually just ran a 5k and cut 3 min off the last time I ran it. It felt awesome! So sorry about my ramblings about me, just wanted to give some background and reason for my post. Anyway here is my absolute FAVORITE sight for recipes! This lady is such an inspiration!

Here are some others that are also fun to look at

Secondly, for those of you that need some good places for modest, adorable, and comfy swimsuits here are some good sites I have found. I do not have the luxury of living in the land of the modest closthes sold in stores :-) So here are some that you may or may not already know about

Happy shopping girls!!

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