Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Gram

Recently I was picking out a pineapple at the store when a Japanese lady who was also choosing one gave me a tip that I thought everyone might like to know.  She said when you get the pineapple home, while waiting for it to ripen, it should be stood upside-down and that this would bring the sugar to the top of the fruit.  I chose one and did as she suggested.  I also checked the internet to see what I could find on this and learned that ripening it upside-down hastens the process.  I was surprised to see the pineapple go from green to yellow almost overnight and when we cut and served it, it was delicious -- on BOTH ends!  I also learned that you can test for ripeness by gently pulling one of the top leaves and it should come out easily.  There were other tips for choosing a good pineapple.  Check the internet, or maybe no one else is as ignorant of these things as I am.
Thanks Shantelle for showing me how to post this.  (Something else I am ignorant about.)

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Natalie said...

Used this the other day when we got a pineapple! Best Kabobs EVER!!!! The pineapple added the sweetest taste to it! Thanks Grams!