Tuesday, July 19, 2011

craft ideas

I am not sure how many of you like to do crafts.  I do!  I love them because it gives me something to do with my kids (other than sit around the house and watch television, or something else that is mind numbing), but I also enjoy them for myself.  I love seeing something I did with my own two hands.  I love starting and finishing a project.  It is very gratifying for me.  Well knowing that before any of us are really ready for it, autumn will soon be here.  So I started to look for some cute craft ideas that I could do and ones that the kids could do.  Here are some of the ideas that I found...

Anyways I thought they would be so much fun.  I am hoping to be able to start some of them come September (that way I could get some money saved up to get the stuff, and yet still have time to display them all of October).   But I am also one that LOVES to get together with other people to do things so I was thinking MAYBE if you guys wanted...we could do our own super Saturday kind of thing. We could try doing it at a park as I think it would still be plenty warm enough outside, or I could see about the possibility of getting my ward building. If you don't want to do it as a big group but you would still like to do the craft, I have all the instructions that I will give you.  Just a thought...let me know what you think. 
Also as school is starting up soon, I am starting to think about trying to do some mini lessons (pre-school stuff) with Bren, so that when he starts kindergarten he isn't behind the other students.  Anyone have any ideas on where to go for that?  He already knows his letters, numbers 1-20, most shapes (he still has a hard time with the ones like rectangle, diamond, and other "unnormal" shapes), colors, and is starting to learn to write letters.  What are some good ideas for some mini lessons.  I know I should ask Kerri, and I probably will the next time I see her, but does anyone else have any ideas?  By the way...this is Shantelle...I have no idea how to change the name of the one doing the posting. LOL!  See Gram's your not the only one who has computer/internet problems. :)

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