Friday, July 22, 2011

Notes from Nat: Coupon anyone?

Is anyone else a coupon virgin(as they lovingly call us in the coupon world) or is it just me. It seems as though more and more people are getting on the band wagon and I think that I have finally decided to join them! I kept convincing myself that I do not have the time to coupon, but then realized that I do not have the money to not. Is my time worth saving $100-$300 a month on groceries. Obviously for me it would be the smaller amount since it is just Kilo and I for now, but someday when our family expands I would like to already have the coupon snipping down pat. Another reason I feel so prompted to jump on the band wagon is because of my lack of food storage. I can only imagine what $100 a month put towards food storage instead of my daily groceries would help me to compile. Our Bishop has emphasized to our ward for the past THREE MONTHS the importance of being prepared! Needless to say it is really sinking in! We are taking the girls on a High Adventure for Young Women and our theme is "Being Prepared". Well I am taking it to heart and am doing all I can to pinch pennies and put it towards having a sense of security. Here are the sights that I now follow and am learning from. It is going to be quite the process to get everything up and running, while making a few rookie mistakes along the way, but I am ready. If any of you are couponers and have any good advice for the newbies I would love to hear about it!!

This is my favorite sight so far, mostly because she has a "beginners tutorial":

Here are a few others

You can also follow so many different coupon groups on Facebook or Twitter!

I hope to soon have a pantry that lloks like this:

                                                                    Beautiful right?

Instead of looking like this......

Happy Couponing!!!

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